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Play online roulette: tips and tricks

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There is a trend in recent years that does not stop growing and it is the online casino, to the point that North America is positioning itself as one of the powers of the sector.  People are looking for new forms of entertainment every day and playing online roulette is the best alternative to have fun today.




The casino is actually a sector that has almost 100 years of history, since the beginning of the 20th century with multiple games that are still played but with different characteristics as technology has changed everything.  In fact, currently the online casino has almost entirely displaced the face-to-face.

This first arose in the United States and Europe, which are fairly developed markets with millions of users throughout their territory.  However, New Jersey has been the next pole of development when it comes to online gaming, having more and more regulations to control the portals that are being created.

New Jersey is the one that is positioning itself as the true power of gambling in the continent, to the point that the government already has certain legal frameworks that include the figure of online gambling.

Among all the games, online roulette is the most practiced because we can play it anywhere in different specialized sites and to play it there are different websites, although 888 Casino is the best option to entertain ourselves today.


 How to play roulette online?


Online roulette is one of the most popular games in online casino, as it is easy to learn and generates an excitement that almost no other game offers today.

It was one of the first to be created in the last century and has two main versions: the European, which consists of 37 squares and the American, with 38 squares.  The objective for both is the same, to bet that the ball will land in the box that we have bet, something that is done previously, while the platform does everything else.

European roulette is the most common of all, having 37 boxes that are numbered from 1 to 36, adding 0. The ways to win money are by guessing where the ball will land or by using the prize table that indicates multiple bets.

So everything will depend on how much money you play and the type of bets you make.  There are many experts who have explained certain strategies in order to be more likely to know where the ball will land depending on some studies.



 Most popular variants of roulette


Roulette is divided into some variants that are more practiced than others depending on where we are.  The European is the most popular, followed by the American, slingshot and the live format.

The first has 37 boxes numbered from 01 to 36, being the oldest and therefore the most acclaimed by users today.  American roulette has 38 boxes, including a 0 and a 00, giving the casino a significant advantage and subtracting it from the player.

The live version is the most exciting of all since we are making bets in real time, in which the wheel moves randomly until it reaches its square.


 Tips for playing online roulette


As you will see, there are many reasons to play online roulette, being one of the most practiced games today in all its variants.  If you are thinking of playing it, you must take into account certain details to be as successful as possible without so much risk.

That is why we have prepared a guide of tips for you to evaluate when playing:


 Choose a safe online casino

One of the most important aspects when playing online casino is that the site has all the legal requirements to be able to operate in that market.  This is a decision of the governments in order to protect users from possible scams or tricks that some reckless company would like to do.

In this sense, in New Jersey we have the license that every casino must have in its track record to operate legally.  Investigate that this site has this requirement for your peace of mind and be 100% suspicious if it does not have this license.


 Start with the classic version

You already realized that roulette is one of the games of chance that has the most variants, giving you a wide range of options to play the one that best suits you.  In this sense, we recommend that you start with the classic version, since it is the one with the best payment percentages and is quickly understood.

Once you have the right experience you can start with the other variants.


Set a strategy

One of the most important aspects of gambling is reducing luck through solid strategies that correspond to a certain plan.  This reduces your risk significantly and will increase your chances of making money.

Today there are hundreds of strategies that adapt to each player, study them and choose the best one for you, do not look for immediate millionaire profits, focus on the long term.


 Don’t bet everything on one spin

It is very important to have a budget and not alter it under any circumstances, just as if you were managing personal finances in your family.  It is true that there is good money in online roulette, but if we make a very large bet on the first spin we could be out of it forever.


Bet live

Without a doubt, this is the most exciting bet of all, since you will feel what adrenaline is in its purest form.  In addition to this, you will have greater chances of winning since there are variables that you will study, such as the strength of the dealer, the square where the ball will land and much more.

You must have nerves of steel but with a little strategy you will be spectacular.  Nothing better than gambling and feeling like in a real casino.


 The best strategy to win at roulette


As you may have noticed, there are many ways to make the most of online roulette, the key is to have counseling and apply the best strategy that suits us.  In this sense there are many alternatives that you have to choose from.

A strategy that has proven to give many results over time is the Martingale method, some even point out it as an infallible method, although technically that is impossible.  The truth is that it offers you many possibilities to win money from your first play.

This system is progressive, which means that the bet will be doubled after taking a loss.  This strategy was explicitly designed for roulette, so the possibilities are at your feet.

The most common is to do it in red / black or even / odd bets.  The idea is to start with the minimum that the table allows us and then bet the same amount if we win, but if we lose we will double the amount.  For example, if we start with $50 and we have a loss, the next bet will be with $100, while if a victory was obtained we will bet $50 again.

What happens if we lose again?  We double the bet, in this case it would be $200.  In this third bet the chances of winning are 50%.  Keep in mind that if we reach the fifth bet, the ideal is to make a stop loss and return to the initial bet to take advantage of the streak.

The common sense of this strategy is to profit as quickly as possible, minimizing losses and investing very little money from our pocket.


 Bet365o, the best place to play online roulette


Without a doubt, playing online roulette is an excellent option to have fun and make money online.  However, the problem is finding the platform that offers it with all the guarantees we need.

888 Casino is one of the best options in New Jersey, having a great track record backed by its years in the market.  It has an impressive potential, to the point that it has 4 portals in its portfolio to serve you in the best way: Bingo, Sports, Casino and Poker.  Each of them has everything you need to quickly monetize your strategies.

No matter what game you are looking for, 888 Casino has it for you.  Since 1997 they have been positioned in the market and have the support of the government, complying with all the regulations that are currently required to offer you the transparency you need to have fun in peace.  Forget about worries!

For all this and much more, this is the best option to play online roulette in New Jersey.  Don’t think twice and give it a try!





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