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5 tricks to play online poker

tricks poker online

Poker is a game where it is relatively easy to win money, all by creating strategies and studying each game.  However, online poker can be a bit confusing for beginners, that’s why here are 5 tricks to play online poker and what you should know if you want to win.




 Identify your game mode

Before starting to play, you should know which is the modality that best suits your style of play, your needs and, above all, the quantities you have.  Poker has at least five main modes, which are:


 Texas Hold’em

These is one of the best known in the world, here each player receives two cards.  Additionally, five more cards are shown on the Texas Hold’em table;  three on the flop, one on the turn and one on the river.  The winner of this game is the person who gets the best combination of 5 cards using both the ones he has in his hand and the ones on the table.



In this modality we get two variants, both similar to Texas Hold’em.  One of these variants is Omaha High, where players are dealt four cards each, and five common cards are dealt.  Finally, each player must form his combination that must only include two of his own cards and three of the common cards.


As for Omaha Hi / Lo, half the pot is won by the highest hand and the other half is won by the lowest hand.  To qualify for the lowest hand the cards must be less than eight, with the ace counting as one.


 5 Card Draw

This is the classic way of playing poker, where five cards are dealt and each one of them makes five possible discards in order to form the best possible hand.


 Seven Card Stud

Here you will find that there are no common cards, and with the individual cards, three covered and four uncovered are combined.  In this modality there are no blinds, but before, mandatory for all players.


 Set limits

One of the 5 tricks to play online poker that you should not ignore is knowing your limits, being clear from the beginning of the game how much money you want to spend, will keep you focused.  Although there are a thousand strategies to win at poker, remember that this is still a game of chance.




 Your position at the table is important

This can be an advantage or a disadvantage, all depending on the situation.  If someone else is the dealer, he can study your plays and bets, something that you must be able to carry so as not to give him the opportunity to get ahead of the other player.


On the other hand, if it is you who has to deal, you will have the opportunity to study the bets of the rest of the table before placing yours, which could guide you very well if you know how to observe your rivals.


 Don’t play all hands

It is important that you know how to read all the possible plays at the table, in this way you can be more confident when playing, studying in your mind the opportunity you have to win.  One of the main mistakes is to bet on all hands, even knowing that you do not have very good cards and that you only hope to improve.


Try to play the hands where you can quickly identify the maximum combination of winning plays, without having to call just to see your opponent’s cards.


 Learn to watch your rivals

Although in online poker it would be more difficult than if you were in a physical game, in virtual rooms you must learn to observe each of the behavior patterns of your companions.  You must be able to recognize, through the way you bet, the possible strategies that the rest of the players have in mind.


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