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Betting on the name of Harry and Meghan’s 2nd baby

Betting name Harry baby

We can now place bets on just about anything, it’s not just sports and casino games anymore. The world of politics and entertainment is an increasingly frequent market in betting houses. Just as we can bet on presidential elections, we can also place bets on many things related to celebrities, such as the name that the second son of Harry and Meghan will have. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know before betting on the name of Harry and Meghan´s 2nd baby, from what the best betting site is for placing the bet to some details you must have in mind before placing your bet.




Some tips before placing bets on the name of Harry and Meghan´s 2nd baby


Less than a week ago the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they are expecting their second child, but the uproar that ensued was such that gambling on the name is all the rage today on the lists of many sites, here we will tell you what the best Bookmaker is for placing that bet.

According to some sources, Spencer, Albert and Elizabeth are some of the names that are already being promoted for gambling. Some people put Spencer first, and Albert, Philip and Elizabeth last.

For some experts, Harry and Meghan will follow a tradition: that their children’s names begin with the letter A, like Archie. Under that premise, the favorites appear to be Alfie and Alexandra, who top the rankings with odds of one in four.

On the other hand, there is a theory that says that among the favorites are also the names of her parents, while Alice and Emma are options in case she is a girl.

However, a possible tribute to Harry’s mother should not be ruled out either. Many Bookmakers had Diana as its favorite name. In turn, if he is male, Spencer is listed as a one in 25 chance. There also chances for Arthur, Thomas and Isabella with the highest expectations.

Others also has Diana and Spencer as popular picks, while Gamblers are apparently convinced that Harry and Meghan’s second child will be named after their mother, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, as Diana and Spencer are proving to be the most popular picks in gambling, according to specialized sources from tabloid. Other non-traditional royal names such as Emily, Sebastian, Marina, and Willow appear on the charts.



Odds on the baby´s name


When placing bets on the baby´s name, you have a lot of alternatives. These are some of the most relevant in Bet365:

  • Diana 5.50
  • Elizabeth 11.00
  • Sarah 13.00
  • Alica 15.00
  • Grace 15.00
  • Alexandra 17.00
  • Alice 17.00
  • Philippa 17.00
  • Adriana 17.00

The highest odds in Bets365 drop these:

  • Alexia 67.00
  • Jeanette 101.00
  • Nettie 101.00

Bet365 Sports & Casino

Bet365: The Best Bookmaker to bet on Harry and Meghan 2nd baby


All the aforementioned odds are from Bet365, which in addition to being very high, are just some of the many alternatives that this bookmaker offers when it comes to betting on the name of Harry and Meghan’s 2nd baby.

Now is the time to talk about Bet365, a bookmaker where you can not only bet on the name of Harry and Meghan’s baby, but also on many other things, and that is also a totally reliable bookmaker.

Bet365 belongs to Bet365 Group Limited, one of the largest global companies dedicated to the online gaming sector. It currently has 3,000 employees and more than 22 million customers worldwide. In Spain it is authorized and regulated with all the relevant licenses by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling.

The Bet365 bookmaker presents a wide variety of online gaming modalities, including sports betting, poker, bingo, slots and casino games. Its success as a bookmaker is based on the complete and detailed offer of services, which includes many options to bet on, good odds and an excellent customer service.

Bet365 is one of the houses with the tightest profit margins, which usually translates into good odds, one of the most competitive on the market. Few bookmakers can cope with it. In this sense, its Asian handicap lines stand out, not only because of the value of their fees, but also because of the depth of the lines, presenting a wide range of options and odds to bet on.

It goes without saying that Bet365 is a totally safe bookmaker. You do not become one of the most important bookies in the world if you do not offer security conditions to the user.

In case there is still any doubt, on the Bet365 website we find the Self-exclusion stamps, +18, Safe Play or Play Well. They are joined by those of Gamblers Anonymous, International Betting Integrity Association or Thawte. Bet365 scrupulously complies with the regulations related to deposit limits, account management, etc., and before exercising a withdrawal they can ask us for an additional document. In addition, we have to verify the account to be able to withdraw funds like in any other bookmaker.





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