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How to Play Baccarat? Step by Step Guide

how play baccarat

Are you a fan of board games? Would you like to find one that is easy to play and generated good prizes? In this article we will teach you how to play Baccarat, an exciting and innovative game that you must try, at Leovegas Casino online.

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What is Baccarat?


Baccarat is a table game, which is available in the great casinos of the world, a game is quite exciting, in addition, the game is not very difficult, since its dynamics is simple, and like other games of chance, luck is the determining factor to win, that is not the only factor to conquer.

Before you go to play Baccarat you must know that it is a game called «circles». Since several bettors participate around a table, to win you will have to add 9 points or get close to them. In a game there are 3 possibilities, the player wins, the dealer wins or there is a draw. With that said, we are going to teach you how to play.


Step by Step How to Play Baccarat in Online Casino


1. Sign up

If you are going to play online, the first thing to do is register at an online casino. We recommend you do it at the Leovegas Casino Online, as it was the first to bring online baccarat to our country, and it is the one that generates the most profits for bettors.

2. Execute the bet

When you are already registered at the Leovegas Casino, you must go to the game table and select the chips with which you are going to participate in each hand. After that, execute the bet choosing between 3 options: if you are going to bet on the bank, the tie or the player.

3. Start of the game

When you are at the game table, you will have to click on the «Deal» button to start the game. Initially, two cards are dealt to the player and two to the bank. Next, a participant or the dealer reveals a card, placing it face up on the table.

4. Announcement of the total points obtained

When the cards of each player begin to be revealed, the total sum of these begins. You have to know the value of each one, since it varies. Example the 10s and the cards like: K, Q, J are worth 0, the Ace 1 point, and the others the value of each one.

After adding all the cards, you have more than points; the second digit of the card happens to make the value of the hand. For example, if you get a 7 and 8, the sum is 15, then the value of your hand goes to make 5. We remind you that to win, you must be in the hand that approached 9.

5. Natural Victory

The natural victory is very difficult to achieve, since it is obtained after the 2 cards are revealed, and a player or the bank scores 9 points. When this happens the game is over, and bets are collected.

6. Third letter

In the event that a natural victory is not achieved, a third and final card is dealt. After the two hands have been played. Whoever has 9 points or is closest to this number wins.



What are the Baccarat Rules?


Do you want to play Baccarat? It is important to know your rules. Let’s get to know them. So pay attention.

  • Punto Banco is the most played variant in any casino. In this they can play up to 14 bettors.
  • The value of the cards varies from each other. The aces score 1, the 10s and the letters with the letters are worth zero. The rest have the numerical value of the card.
  • The dealer deals two cards to the player and the dealer to add up the total points.
  • After 2 cards are dealt, the dealer offers a 3rd card, in case a natural victory is not achieved.
  • There is a tie when two or more bettors have 2 equal hands. In this case, neither the bank nor the player wins.

Know the Types of Bets in Baccarat

This table game differs from blackjack in that there are not many betting options. Well, there are only 3, which are: the Player, the Bank and the Tie.

  • If you bet on the player, and he wins the hand, you win your bet.
  • If you bet on the dealer, and his hand wins, you win the bet minus a 5% commission.
  • On the other hand, if you bet on a tie and this happens, you will be charged 8 times the bet.


Baccarat Types or Versions


In games of chance, the more popular you get, the more variants you create. Baccarat did not escape from this. Here are the best known ones.

Chemin de Fer

It is the oldest version and it starts in the casinos of Italy, the big difference with Punto y banco is that here there is no own bank, since it is made up of one of the players.

In this type of baccarat, bettors do not play against the house, but against each other. Since the role of the bank, it passes from player to player.

Baccarat Banque

This was the second version, it is said that it was born in France, it differs from the previous one, since the banking role is permanent, and thus the player who is exercising this role loses, continues as a bank until all are distributed the cards of the six shuffled decks.

Bank Point

It is one of the latest versions of the game and the one that you can find in almost all online casinos, such as the Leovegas Casino. This version is originally from Havana Cuba, and began in the middle of the last century. It is currently wrongly credited with being the original Baccarat game.

In this version the bank is always played by the house, rather than other variations where one player can take on this role.


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