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How to Play Playtech Adventures Beyond Wonderland

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There are a lot of games available at every online casino. From table games to slots, you can chose whatever of your preference so the fun almost never ends. Speaking about never-ending stories, there is a Slot game which is the favorite of many players nowadays, even when it has no much time in play, it is Adventures Beyond Wonderland, a new version from the classic slot machine brought by Playtech, one of the most relevant developers in the online gaming industry.




If you feel really interested in this game all we can say is that you came to the right place. Here we will be telling you everything you need to know about this slot game and its new live version from Playtech.


Playtech: One of the Best Developers in the Online Gaming Industry


First things first, Playtech is one of the most relevant game developers in the online gaming industry. With that say, there is no much to add about how good their games are. When it comes to Online Casinos, we can say that Playtech provide games for the best sites, and one of them is LeoVegas, where you can actually play Adventures beyond Wonderland.

Playtech was founded in 1999 and currently is a very well reputable brand, as for the online gaming industry as for the financial trading industry.

Playtech launched this great version of Adventures beyond Wonderland, you can play this amazing slot games at many online casinos. We will be telling you a bit more about LeoVegas, but first let´s take a look at the game per se.


Adventures beyond Wonderland Slot Game


Adventures beyond Wonderland is a great slot game, currently the favorite of many players. It is a themed slot game that now has it live version from Playtech. The original game is a slot and now we will be telling you about the live version.


Adventures beyond Wonderland Live


This live version is modified with wins capped at 500.000 Euros. You can play the first of three wheels as the main round, and then you have two more options in WonderSpins Bonus Rounds.

It is a really appealing game since it has characters from the original Lewis Carroll’s story, you know, those from Alice in Wonderland.

When betting on this game you can do so on four numbers: 1, 2, 5 and 10. Once you finally place your bet the Wonderland Wheel starts to spin, depending on where it stops your game ends or maybe you get a new round.

About bonus rounds we can tell you that there are five structured bonus rounds, but you can only get to them by being accurate and having some lucky charm on your side, but also if you play well, as we will show you some paragraphs later.


Where to Play Adventures Beyond Wonderland


As we said a few lines ago, there are a lot of sites where to play despite it is quite a new brand game. However, if you are interested in playing Adventures beyond Wonderland from Playtech, you should do so at LeoVegas, so we will be telling you more right next.


LeoVegas Online Casino

LeoVegas is a very good online Casino, has a great reputation and operates legally all over the world. In this opportunity we want to tell you that if you want to play, LeoVegas is the right site to test your luck and your skills on this fascinating game.

LeoVegas give you the chance to play this game anytime you want from wherever you are. Adventures beyond Wonderland is available 24/7 at LeoVegas and has a lot of fun for you.


Adventures beyond Wonderland Free Spins

Besides increasing your winnings in a 30% for each bonus round that you get, you can also receive free spins at LeoVegas when playing Adventures beyond Wonderland.

So, would you like to be one of those players that make real profit from Adventures beyond Wonderland at LeoVegas? Well, keep reading so you can see how to play this fabulous game in a successful way.

As we already said: first things first. Let´s take a look at the basis of this game:


How to Play Playtech Adventures beyond Wonderland

The first step is going to LeoVegas Website and creating an account, then you start playing Adventures beyond Wonderland choosing that game among all the options this online casino has for you.

When playing at LeoVegas you will find the live version. On this game you will see a wheel with 54 segments. You play the first round and if you win you can keep playing on the bonus rounds.

You want to know what numbers to bet on so you can win? Well, keep reading.



Some Tips to Play Adventures beyond Wonderland

Here we will be not only telling you how to play Adventures beyond Wonderland but also how to be a real winner on this game. So pay attention to the tips we have for you next:


Bet on a Winner Number

The best number to bet on when playing Adventures beyond Wonderland is 1. Why is that? Well it turns that is a matter of fact that it has a RTP (Return To Player) of 96.98 %. On the other hand, number 10 has also a very good RTP of 96.70 %.


Don´t Bet on a Low RTP Number

As we recommend you to play good numbers when betting on wheels, we also must say that you shouldn´t bet on number 5 since it has the worst RTP with a 96.58 %


Don´t Bet More That You Can Afford

Let you to set a game-play limit where you can play safe with no worries about losing more than you actually win.


Go For the Mystery Bonus

If you discover the Mystery Bonus you will likely able to get more winnings than playing only on the base bonus rounds where you almost never get more than 300x. You get the Mystery.




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