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How to play Video Poker?

play video poker

New technologies are increasingly present in games of chance. Video Poker is an example of this, despite being based on five-card poker. This mode offers a better experience, since the rounds can be completed in a matter of seconds. If you still don’t know how to play video poker, don’t worry, our experts have created this simple guide to help you win.


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What is video poker and how is it similar to online slots?


Video poker is a game of chance very similar to online slots, but with a poker theme; In addition, it is designed to generate a profit for the house in a long time.

This new version of poker, like the slot machines, has a «return percentage». That is, if a game comes with a 94% return rate, the player will receive € 94 from the machine for every € 100 wagered.

Although video poker has several variants, which depend on the software you are using. All or most of them deal five cards to each player, thus allowing them to discard the amount they want, in search of improving their hand and winning the game.

The objective of video poker is to achieve a combination, with a discard. However, not all games reward the same combinations; that is why you must visit the prize table for each machine, to know the combinations that they reward.


How to play video poker?


To play video poker, the first thing you have to do is have an account at any online casino. We recommend 888 Casino, as they are the experts in this game of chance, and they also guarantee fun at all times.

  1. Place a bet. Once you are registered, you will need to make a deposit to start playing Video Poker. The money you deposit is converted into credits to play.
  2. Choose the amount of credits. Next you must choose the amount of credits to play. Enter the bet button, so you can raise and lower the number of credits.
  3. Deal cards. When you have already set the amount of credits to play. You must click on the «Deal» button, thus, the machine will deal 5 cards from the hand.
  4. Discard. One of the greatest advantages of video poker is the discard option, since if you wish you can discard even all the cards in your hand.
  5. Final Cast. After you select the cards you are going to discard. You will have to press the «Deal» button again, so that new cards are dealt, and replace the discarded ones.
  6. End of the game. After the discard, you will have the final hand. If you hit any of the combinations shown in the pay table in this hand, you will have won the corresponding prize.


Variants of Video Poker


Depending on the online casino in which you play you will discover different variants of video poker, therefore, you should check the rules of each variant, before playing. Here we will indicate the most common:


Jacks or Better

It is surely the most played variant in all online casinos. Its name is due to the fact that the first prizes they distribute are obtained when the player has Jacks or better (Pair of Jacks or better game).


Tens or Better

As the name implies, the prizes that are distributed there, are achieved when the player has a pair of tens or something higher.


Jokers Wild

As in slots, in this version of video poker, wilds are used as «alternatives to the game»; since these are able to substitute any other card in the deck, to win.

Jokers also offer the opportunity to land a “five of a kind” or five of a kind hand. This is the most difficult variant to master, and that is why it is the one that pays the best.


Double Bonus Poker

This variant of Jacks or Better provides an additional payout if you get four aces. For the rest, it is the same, except that your payment percentage, which is 100.2%.


Advantages of playing Video poker


Video poker is easy to play, and offers various advantages for participants, among the most relevant we have:


  • Easy and practical: if you have already participated in online slots, you will not have a problem with this game of chance, since you do not need great strategic knowledge to participate. Just by knowing the ranking of poker hands, you are already in a position to participate.
  • Mastery of the game. Unlike a slot machine, in video poker, you will have total control of the game, since you can select how many and which cards to discard, to achieve a good final hand.
  • Advantage of the house. Of all the casino games, video poker is the one with the lowest house edge, which translates to the highest advantage for the player.


Play Video Poker at 888 Casino


If you want to play on a site with the best variants of video poker, you must do so from 888 casino, since it offers the most exciting variants: Jacks or Better, Joker Wild Double Up and Deuces Wild Double Up. With just one click you can play and win big. Bet from 1 to 5 coins; remember that the more the better.

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