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LeoVegas allows you to use Open Banking in your casino

leovegas online casino

Something that has never been seen before in the online casino industry is that an online gambling operator, in this case LeoVegas, begins to implement payments through open banking under the Second Directive of Payment Services (PSD2) of the US. LeoVegas is the best online casino.


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LeoVegas innovates with its open banking

Open banking is very important, as it implies that the actors open up and share information with each other.  This makes it possible for business models to mesh together and create a new payments ecosystem that offers an enhancement for consumers.

The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is introduced to modernize Europe’s payment services sector in a way that benefits both businesses and consumers.

The updated directive aims to promote the development of innovative and more secure digital payments and also improve the level playing field for payment service providers, including those serving the gaming industry.

Among other things, PSD2 introduced new stringent security requirements for the initiation and processing of electronic payments.  The directive requires payment service providers, including banks, to apply strong customer authentication when initiating an electronic payment transaction.


What is the LeoVegas open banking system?

In an online casino it is extremely important that “payments are safe, smooth and fast, and that now users can bet directly with various European banks under PSD2 they will be able to live a superior customer experience due to security and speed.

Transacting through open banking is «considerably more profitable» compared to transacting through traditional digital payment methods.  This new system will undoubtedly change the payment industry in the coming years.


UK as first market

The UK is the first of the major markets in which it has launched open bank payments through its proprietary technology.

In just one week, 10% of all new UK customers have chosen to initiate payments through open banking.  The solution will be launched in several of the gaming operator’s main regulated markets in Europe in the coming months.


LeoVegas online casino

LeoVegas is an online casino of Swedish origin, which was born in 2012 in Malta, with the aim of leading and modernizing the game from mobile devices.  In the case of Spain, it is quite new, since it has been operating in the country since 2019.

LeoVegas is widely known for its slogan “the king of mobile casino”.  And it is not just a title that they have arbitrarily made up.  Indeed, being the best mobile casino has been and is its main objective since it was launched in 2012.

At that time, smartphones were not what they are today.  However, since then this casino saw the potential and the success of the smaller screen.  For this reason, since its inception, it has integrated its platform to mobile.

Nowadays, it offers an extraordinary experience to the users from the mobile, and continues being its main characteristic since the games they provide are of quality, and at an unmatched speed.

So if you like the idea of ​​playing slots or even live roulette from the subway, I recommend giving LeoVegas a try.  On the other hand, your website from the computer is easy to use, simple but colorful, with accessibility to the main games from the home page and easy access to deeper sections.


LeoVegas Welcome Bonus

Another thing I really like about LeoVegas is the clarity with which they explain the terms and conditions of the bonuses it offers.  It does not try to hide them, as some other casinos do.

But even better is that this casino offers three casino bonus: one for the entire casino, another exclusive for its live casino section, and a third for sports betting.  When registering, one can choose which of the three to try or you can even choose not to opt for bonuses.

LeoVegas offers a bonus up to € 200 that applies to all their slots.  In the case of wanting to go for the live casino bonus directly, LeoVegas awards € 200 as well, while sports betting lovers also have a welcome bonus dedicated to them, which reaches up to 200 euros.


How to get the LeoVegas welcome bonus?

You must register on the platform and right there in the registration form the three bonus options to choose from will be visible.  You can choose only one at a time.

In order for the bonus to be credited, you must make your first deposit within 72 hours of signing up and the first part of the four deposit bonus will be activated immediately.

The casino bonus is doubled 100% but it will depend on the value of the deposit you make.  Additionally, you may be asked to submit documents, as it is a requirement for casinos with a Gambling Regulation License.  On its official page you can find all about the active regulations and useful information to play safe.


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