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How to Play Teen Patti Online With Real Money

Teen Patti Jungleraja Bonus

Meet Teen Patti, the variant of poker that breaks it in India. If you are bored of always playing the same thing with your friends, then here we present this curious modality that is very easy to learn. We are goin to show you how to play Teen Patti online with real money.

If this year you decided to get to know and start playing a new type of poker, then perhaps –and very perhaps– you might be interested in «Teen Patti», a hybrid with a hint of poker that is causing a sensation in India and that you will meet today in the first edition of Freak Friday 2021.




How to Play Teen Patti with Real Money


Well, first thing to do is to register and create an account in some online casino that offers this game, Jungleraja is one of them, actually the best one.

It is very easy.  This card game originally started in India and is very widespread among various Asian countries.  It is a game of luck, experience and skill all rolled into one.

You can play up to six people, with a minimum of three.  Everyone who wants to participate must place an «ante» bet, which in this case is called a «snatch»; then you will receive three cards face down from a classic deck of 52 cards.

After seeing the cards, the first to speak will be the player to the left of the dealer and he will have the option to bet or check, just like the others.  If someone rises, he will have the option to continue the play by calling, re-raising or folding, and so on until someone stops rising.  Yes, something like No Limit, but you can also configure it to have a limit.


Practice the free version

We know you are reading this looking for tips on how to play this game with real money, but it has a demo version that we recommend you to test before investing money, so you can grab some experience before playing for real.



Some Tips to Win


Since you are playing with real money, we recommend you to play Teen Patti online under these tips to make you sure you will be winning at the end of the day


Start with low stakes

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to Teen patti.  Increase your playing time by starting with lower stakes so you can play more hands at a lower cost.  Try to notice patterns in the game and in the way your opponents play.  This is especially important when you play online and cannot directly observe the body language of other players.


 Slowly increase your bet amount

Once you have an idea of ​​the other players and how they are betting, you can slowly increase your own betting amount.  Players with weaker hands will generally start to fold.  So if you have a strong hand, you can add more risk to the game by increasing the amount of your bets.  This also helps to space your bets, avoiding large financial losses in case you don’t win.


 Play blind

In Teen Patti, you can play blind for as long as you want and see the cards whenever you want.  When starting with the blinds, you can focus on the game and analyze your progress by studying how the other players are betting before deciding if and when you want to see your cards.  When you start a round with small stakes, it is possible to play blind with reduced risk.


 Use Sideshow

The secondary display option is very useful in Teen Patti, especially if you have seen your cards, as this allows you to request to see and compare the cards of the last player who made a bet with the cards seen.  The person with the weakest hand has to pack.  A player can decline a secondary exhibition request only three times, and will then be forced to accept.  Sideshow has its risks, so use it only when you are confident in your hand.

 Know when to leave

At the end of the day, luck plays a big role in Teen Patti.  If you notice that you are on a losing streak or just have a bad hand, sometimes it is better to play smart and pack.  By packing up or folding you may lose the bets you have made, but you would have only lost that money bet so far, and you can regroup and try again later.

Using tips and tricks can always help you get to your game when you’re playing Teen Patti, but at the end of the day, it’s your experience and instincts that will make you a winner.  Whether you are winning or losing, remember to have fun, and that a victory is always just around the corner.


Jungleraja, The Best Site To Play Teen Patti


If you looking for a great site to play Teen Patti online from India, it is, with no doubt at all, Jungleraja. All you need to do is to visit their site, register and create an account, then you will be not only able to play this and many other online casino games, but you will also be able to claim some interesting bonus.




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