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Bets on Ice Hockey from Canada

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If you live in Canada, you grown up playing or watching ice hockey at least. It is kind the national sport in Canada, and if you like this sports you must be interested in placing bets on it.  In this article we will be telling you all you need to know about how to place bets on hockey from Canada.




Some Advices when Betting on Ice Hockey


Most of the players who bet on ice hockey do so to the NHL, the professional league with the best teams in the United States and Canada, which is undoubtedly the most important in the world.  A total of 31 teams contest this competition, divided into two conferences, east and west.  They play a total of 82 games in the regular season that ends next Saturday, before the top eight from each conference contest the playoffs for the title.  The champion takes the Stanley Cup.


The first thing to know when betting on the NHL is that the number of games that are played causes coaches to rotate a lot in the line-ups, also in the goalkeeper position.  For this reason, it is important to know who will be the goalkeeper of each team before the game starts, since the differences between starters and substitutes are usually very large.


It is also important to know that it is a competition in which equality prevails.  It is common for the scoreboards to be very tight and even for there to be draws at the end of regulation time, so it is common for an overtime to be disputed.  That equality makes the spreads in this sport very short.


The third most important issue is the one referring to statistics: the bookmakers base the odds they offer to the players on the accumulated data of the teams.  However, these data can be misleading: if a team’s average is 6 goals in favor but there are many games in which it has scored only one goal, it means that in most of the games it will have exceeded that line.  The same happens in many other markets within this sport.


Likewise, it is vital to know how each team reacts to the exclusions of the players, since this is a sport in which there are many advantageous situations for both teams.  This data can help us establish winning game strategies, especially in live betting.


888 Sports


The first thing you need to know before starting placing bets on ice hockey is what the best Sportsbooks is for that purpose. We strongly recommend you 888 Sports, one of the most reliable brands in the industry, a giant from Europe that had expanded its brand all over the world.

The Best Bets You Can Place on Ice Hockey


Ice hockey matches are played over three periods of 20 minutes each, for a total of 60 minutes of play.  With these premises, there are many bets that each bookmaker offers to its users.


Money Line or Game Winner

It is the most common bet as in most sports and we can find two possibilities: the first is that it only counts in the final result, with possible extensions included, so only two possible results are allowed: winner team A or winner team  B. The second possibility is to bet on what will happen in regulation time, that is, in the sixty minutes of the game, for which the three classic results are offered: 1 X 2.


Winner of a period

A curious market is to bet that a team will win any of the three periods.  It is a pick that is usually used to bet on the most modest teams, but that can win one of the three periods.  Only with that we would already have a winning bet even if, at the end of the match, the team we are betting on has lost.



It is another of the traditional markets of this sport.  Although the average of goals is usually between 5 and 8, and the lines are usually very tight, the players are attentive to the rotations and the previous confrontations between both teams to be able to find bets with a lot of value.  That same market can be done for each period separately.


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Goals of each team

That more / less of the total of goals can be bet both on the total of the match, as in the previous market, but applied only to each team.  That is, if the orange team will score more or less than 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 goals, which are the most common lines.  Or also the goals that each team will get in each of the three halves of the game.



As we said, the NHL is a very competitive league and the differences are usually minimal, so the handicaps do not usually exceed 1.5.  However, in other leagues where there is greater inequality, it is possible to bet that teams will achieve more or less advantage over rivals.



Exclusions are one of the most important variations in every hockey game and you can bet on different markets.  The total number of exclusions that will occur throughout the game, the number of exclusions for each team, which will be the first player excluded or which team will suffer the first exclusion.  The offers are very varied and depends on the Sportsbook, but remember that 888 Sports offers you a lot of options.





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