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How to play lightning roulette at Betsson?

play lightning roulette

In the world of online casinos, there is a great variety of games, but the most popular of them is the roulette, the favorite of many users for the different game options it has, and the exciting it is. In this opportunity, we want to teach you how to play a lightning roulette from the Betsson online casino.




Roulette has a large number of variations, beyond the American and European versions. The online casino sites have included fabulous roulette games with different functions, both virtual and live, in their portfolio.

Among the most popular variants, we will get double ball roulette, slingshot, and live roulette. Also, we have to make special mention of lightning roulette, one of the great wonders that Evolution Gaming has developed for the world of a live casino.

This game is available in the Betsson Peru casino and we want to analyze it thoroughly to tell you how you can play it and how you can earn money playing live lightning roulette.


What is lightning roulette?


If roulette was already a very exciting game, imagine playing it in a radically different way and with potentially higher odds than in the classic version. Lightning Roulette is born from Evolution Gaming as one of the revolutionary online casino games, providing unique user experience.

This variant of roulette is based on the 37-slot European mode and is fully played live with dealers who animate the action while you can follow the video stream in real-time. The difference from the original version is that once the roulette starts rotate, up to five lightning bolts will be displayed on the table affecting five numbers so random. The squares hit by the lightning bolts will become multipliers that can vary between x50 and x500, being that if you have bet on any of these numbers you will get a gigantic prize.

Normally full bets have a payout of x36, multipliers make roulette lightning becomes an ideal game for those users looking to get huge prizes. The x500 multiplier is the main objective, although for this luck must be on your side.

Betsson sets limits for roulette between € 0.20 and € 2,000 for each spin, the lightning can vary between one and five randomly.


Evolution Gaming, the giant of the live casino


The Evolution Gaming brand is famous in the world of an online casino; it is a Software developer for websites that offer live casino games with dealers.

Since 2006 they have been working on the best live casino games and supplying the best web sites on the market. Lightning Roulette is one of the most innovative creations in recent years, to the point that in 2018 it was awarded “Game of the year” by the EGR Operator Award and awarded with the Global Gaming Award for «Innovative Product of the Year».


How to win playing lightning roulette?


The goal of playing roulette, in addition to fun, will always be to find the right number will go out and win the prize. When playing lightning roulette and any of its variants is it is important to take into account different aspects, that is why we present you with a series of tips that will be incredibly useful if you want to get benefits in this game.


Don’t bet everything on one single shot


The budget is one of the fundamental elements to keep in mind for every bettor. Establishing a bankroll is very important when playing and only allocate percentages established thereof for each spin of the roulette.Users who place heavy bets on a section or group of numbers are at risk of losing large amounts of money. The most recommendable is to make low-risk bets looking to obtain benefits.

Make full bets


Yes, full bets are very difficult to guess, but in lightning roulette are essential if you want to get one of the great prizes that multipliers can offer you. If you make full bets you can get the much desired x500 multiplier with a little luck.


Set strategies


In the world of online gaming, as in other sectors of life, it is always important to have a defined strategy. Set your tactic, choose one of the most popular you can get on the web, or design one to suit you according to your profile, the way you play, and the budget you manage. Maintain discipline in your game strategy and you will be able to get a profit playing roulette.


Set limits


It is always important to have a line that serves as a limit when betting, you should never putting more money into play than you can afford to lose. If you’re on a losing streak, take a break; if your strategy doesn’t work, rethink the situation; If you had lost a lot of money, don’t bet more on it.

Responsible gambling is important, in addition to a stop-loss that will prevent you from losing your money completely quickly.


Betsson, a prestigious online casino


Although you can play lightning roulette at any of the different casinos associated with Evolution Gaming, the best place to do so is Betsson. In this website, you will find a great offer of virtual casino games, as well as live casinos, the latter being manufactured by the giant of the technological evolution of the casino.

Betsson is a casino and sports betting operator born in Sweden a few years ago and with time has been expanding to other markets, among which is Spain. At local territory have general and unique licenses from the General Management Directorate of the Game (DGOJ) since 2018 for the exploitation of online gambling.

We are talking about an operator 100% safe and adhered to the regulations imposed by the gambling regulation in Spain. In its web site we can get the stamps «Play well» and «Play Safe», keys to identify sites that comply with current legislation.

Betsson’s offer for Spain is very wide, there is a .es domain web site, exclusively for it.




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