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How to play Sapphire roulette?

Sapphire roulette

Roulettes have been incredibly popular since their inception.  The roots it has achieved in societies is such that, in any movie on the big screen, you can see a scene where the protagonists enjoy the recognized game system.  Technology has made life more comfortable for many people, also for many industries such as the casino.  This time, we will talk about how to play Sapphire roulette.




Now, it is no longer mandatory to go to a casino in person to enjoy the roulettes and other sections of the casino.  Thanks to the network, and the work of the developers, today you can play from the comfort of your home, office or any other place.


 What is Sapphire roulette?


Sapphire roulette is a modification of the well-known European version of roulette.  This product was made by MicroGaming, a giant company that manufactures gaming software for casinos.

The official launch occurred in August 2019, drawing the attention of the entire community for being designed in a basic way with modern elements.

This installment has gained immense popularity recently due to its ease and practicality to play.  In addition, the revenue it provides is high, which makes it a more than attractive roulette for any user.

The Sapphire roulette has a wheel that integrates 37 components.  36 squares, between red and black, and a green space located at the extreme left represented by a zero.

 What is Sapphire roulette?

Sapphire roulette is based on a betting scheme on numbers or segments of the roulette itself.  Lines back we explained that the system was composed of 37 spaces, these are duly distributed by color, number and space.  The main objective of the player is to choose a space-number (according to his intuition and experience) where he thinks the ball may land.

In the event that the ball actually pleases the player, he will be the recipient of substantial prizes depending on how the bet was.

A very important aspect of the game is the balance that the player must have in order not to unbalance the number of numbers that are played with the amounts wagered.  Keep in mind that the more numbers you cover, the more likely you are to win, but in turn, the stakes could be higher.  That is, to exceed the revenue offered by the winning combination.

To learn how to play Sapphire Roulette, it is important to have a good understanding of how the game panel works.  When entering the roulette, you will be able to visualize the wheel and the mat that will be used.  The rotating 3D ring will appear at the top, along with a modest table showing you the hot and cold numbers.  This is nothing more than a suggestion based on statistical percentages, because in the end, any number can come out.

At the top of the panel you will find an information button, with everything you need to play and have fun, from the regulations to the award scheme.

At the bottom you can modify all the values ​​of the tokens.  That is, you can assign a value to the chips that will later be placed in the betting sections.


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Sapphire Roulette Rules

The Sapphire roulette rulebook focuses on the same game specifications as standard European roulette, with boxes that are numbered 0-36.

Sapphire roulette bets are divided into inside and outside bets.  Including verbal bets, neighbor bets, and even a betting circuit.

Within the inside bets you can bet flat, bet on two numbers, street bet, square bet and line bet.  Whereas, outside bets are made with bet on the column, bet on the dozen, bet on 18 numbers.

Bets on neighbors go by the number of the plenum and by the two numbers that are on either side of it on the roulette wheel.  So you would be betting a total of five numbers.

Verbal bets are a set of bets that are assigned on the roulette table at the same time.  On the other hand, the betting circuit allows you to place two groups of bets on the roulette table.

 Where to play Sapphire roulette?

Currently, there are more than a thousand online casinos around the world that contain Sapphire roulette within their game catalog.  Therefore, the answer is not going to prioritize the number of operators, but the quality of the operators that offer it.  In order to be able to guide you clearly, we have carried out an exhaustive analysis of all the offers available within the Canadian territory.

The truth is, in Canada there is a great variety, but few dare to offer added value to the service.  One of the few who manages to get his chest out of all this is the young online casino Genesis Casino.

The gaming platform is quite sophisticated, has an interactive design, understandable for all generations and with clear, precise and timely information.  Customer service is a pretty high point, agents serve warmly and helpfully.

The extensive offer that Genesis Casino has available is a compelling reason to subscribe, as is the large number of payment methods in order to save time and hassle.

Playing Sapphire roulette is sensational, and even more so if you do it with Genesis Casino, a trusted site backed by the Safe Gaming license from the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ).  Institution commissioned by the Government of Canada to supervise and regulate everything related to the online gaming industry.




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