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How to bet on tennis: tips and strategies

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One of the sports that have grown the most in recent years is tennis, so much that we can see hundreds of people on each court where this discipline is practiced.  It is a game of great concentration and physical effort that can be seen on the face of each player.  Betting on tennis is an excellent alternative to win money. Discover how to bet on tennis with our new guide.




Online gambling is a sector that every day has more followers, since it offers each participant the possibility of generating money while playing or using their knowledge.  Sports are a tremendous tool for this, there are multiple tournaments of different kinds and in which you can earn income by betting on a certain result.

There are currently a large number of Sportsbooks, however, none have the reputation and track record of Bet365, which has been in the sector for years and has all the information you need to bet on tennis.

How to bet on tennis?

Tennis is a sport that offers multiple tournaments to the spectator so that they can choose the one they like the most depending on the athletes who attend that event.  This is a very important aspect since depending on the relevance of the tournament there will be more or less markets to bet on.

So, to bet on tennis you must first check the upcoming tournaments and as a result of that you start to make your strategy.

Main tennis tournaments

Grand Slam:

It is one of the most important events today, where several of the best tennis players from around the world meet.  It is made up of the four largest tournaments of the International Tennis Federation.

Masters 1000:

In this case, there are nine tournaments that are part of the ATP Tour organization that is administered by the Association of Professional Tennis Players.  It is celebrated every year throughout the old continent, North America and part of Asia

 ATP 500:

The ATP 500 consists of several tournaments that are part of the ATP World Tour.  The most important thing to understand is that they are one category below the Masters 1000 and one above the ATP 250, being one of the most prestigious today.

ATP 250:

The ATP 250 are men’s tournaments that are part of the ATP Tour and their main characteristic is that they offer prizes from 370,000 USD to 1 million dollars for the winner.

In addition to this award, the player who wins the trophy will obtain 250 points for his ranking in the ATP, where the best tennis players in the world are.


Tips for betting on tennis

Each sport is a science, so multiple factors must be taken into account if we want to have bets in the short and long term.  It is important to analyze certain details in tennis to have as much control as possible.

Choose a safe bookmaker

We start from this point that should not be neglected at any time.  Even though there are more and more regulations, there are still some Sportsbooks that do not have reliable licenses.

Make sure that the operator you choose has all the necessary licenses to be able to work in that market.  Only then will you know that your resources are insured.

Analyze the numbers

Numbers are also part of sport and their importance increases every day.  To bet on tennis you will have to take into account key statistics such as the number of times those opponents have faced each other, how each of the sets was, each one’s last victory and much more.

Look for information

If you want to dedicate yourself to betting, you have to be aware of everything that happens in the sport of your choice.  In the case of tennis, you will have to know how the players have been in recent months, their game history, rivalry with the other player and any other injuries they may have had.

Analyze the context

Context is extremely important in many individual and ensemble disciplines.  In the case of tennis, you have to worry about issues such as the surface of the court: whether it is grass, cement or clay.  Since there are players who are better in certain circumstances and Nadal can be a great example on clay.

Another fundamental point is the climatic conditions, since it is not the same to play in the summer sun than in winter.  There are stations that benefit certain tennis players more and you will have to assess it to make a successful bet.

Take your time before making the move, this could make the difference between success and failure.

Bet on the main tournaments

Due to sponsorship and visibility issues, professional tennis players save their best cards for the most important tournaments, so it is congruent to always bet on the main events such as the Grand Slam, Master 1000 and many more.

Have a calendar on hand where you check what are the next tournaments that will be played and prepare in advance.

Don’t bet everything at once

Budget management is essential in any investment that is planned to be made.  That is why the main recommendation is that you do not bet more than 3-4% of your bankroll, this way you make sure you are protected against the unexpected.  Control your emotions to manage your money in gambling well.



The best strategy to bet on tennis

There are multiple tennis strategies that adapt to each player; it is just a matter of finding the one that is ideal for us.  One of them is to bet on the favorite after losing the first set.

Although there is a great favorite there is a somewhat complicated opponent.  In addition, you must evaluate how favorable the context is for him, such as his dominance over the surface, weather station, among others.

In this case, you could wait for him to lose the first set to bet live that he will turn the game around.

Bet365, the best Sportsbook:

Due to the growth that the online gambling sector is having, new Sportsbooks have emerged that offer a large number of benefits to users.  However, not all of them offer the guarantee and security that you deserve, which is why the best alternative is Bet365.

It is a company that has been in the market for more than 15 years, offering different sports betting offers to its users, meeting the requirements of different governments around the world.  Such is their degree of relevance that they have managed to sponsor several of the most media events in the world.

If you are thinking of betting on tennis, Bet365 is the best option.




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