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Math teacher secretly became a millionaire by playing online casino

Casino Millionaire

Daniel Durán was a 50 years old man when destiny changed his life, for more than 20 years of his life he had been a high school math teacher but a 180 degree turn ended up becoming a millionaire playing at casino.

More than a stroke of luck, Daniel had some time developing strategies to earn money to casino games, he frequently designed tactics in his spare time and generated some additional income to what he earned as a teacher.

Although Daniel frequented on-site casino sites much earlier, he preferred to stay low profile as a bettor and he converted to the online casino modality that allowed him to bet from Home with all the comfort of the world, there he began his path of study that would lead him to success in a day like any other.

No one knew about Daniel’s activity and even after getting the award he remained secretly, there was no disproportionate waste of money like in the movies. His close friends describe him as a person who always lived a fairly simple lifestyle before and after having reaped the prize by playing online casino.




Strategy and perseverance


Although Daniel Durán dedicated most of his day to teaching at a high school in the city of Medellín, in his spare time he had become a fan of casino games and he wanted to be a millionaire. He spent a couple of hours a day trying his luck and fine-tuning strategies, little by little He generated incomes to complement his teacher’s salary but he did not imagine that his life could change from one moment to the next.

Despite the online world having many websites offering casino games, Daniel chose to register a few months ago with Codere, one of the most outstanding operators in the online gaming, whose offer in terms of games and virtual machines is one of the most complete casino in the world.

Codere owns the Crown Casino brand and on its website you can find a wide selection of slot machines from the best game providers in the online gaming industry.

Daniel devoted himself to making the most of Codere’s best slots, much of its games became quite profitable and he kept trying his luck little by little every day, improving strategies that will lead him to fortune.

Daniel’s key has been to maintain discipline in his strategy and to have perseverance when playing. Yes, a lot of discretion, since his activity was not discussed with absolutely anyone, even a lot after achieving that magnificent prize, he continued to live low profile and in a not showy way so as not to attract attention.



The grand prize accumulated


Although Daniel tested his strategies in each of the games available in the catalog of Codere, which is supplied by the giant MicroGaming, a particular slot would be the one he would smile at fortune that afternoon to win a huge prize pool that would change him his financial situation: Immortal Romance.

The Immortal Romance slot is one of the most popular in the online casino world, it is inspired In a vampire and passion story that looks appealing to users, it’s a coin of 5×3 and its number of pay lines amounts to 243, which gives its players enormous possibilities of winning.

Immortal Romance is one of the most attractive titles in the world of online casino and especially in Codere. Daniel made her one of his favorites and after some time playing He managed to get a huge accumulated prize that exceeded 1 million $.


Low profile


Despite having won the accumulated grand prize, Daniel continued his career as a teacher of math and led a rather discreet life but now he could cover expenses and investments different, besides that playing the casino with an appropriate strategy could provide him certain gains progressively.

Daniel’s life was not filled with luxury, it was even kept secret that he had won this jackpot until recently sources close to his family leaked the information that today we know. What is unknown so far is the precise strategy applied by Daniel to get the huge prize pool.


Codere Casino Welcome bonus

Other winners


Daniel has not been the only person awarded in recent years by some online casino site, Codere itself has provided huge prizes with its wide variety of slots to dozens of users who have persevered with a strategy or who have had a huge blow luckily I could catapult them to win.

The Immortal Romance slot is one of the most popular and one of the most awarded recently on the website. It is really very easy to play these coins, its graphics they are quite good, their vampire story is really interesting and capable of hooking many users, along with its large number of paylines.

Being a jackpot slot, users can find themselves with huge prizes if luck smiles at them at a certain point, just like it happened to Daniel and other players whose life has never been the same since the rollers lined up so that fortune could smile on them.




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