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Are Online Slots Tricked?

online slots

Slots are entertaining and very easy to play, and they are often the favorite game of casino lovers;  There are many myths that surround them, one of the most talked about in the industry is the assumption that online slots are rigged, although this is far from reality.




What are Slots?


Slot machines are the electronic game with the most fans in the world.  This game works through random software, which allows you to play challenging your luck.

Complex software releases random results, making it impossible to create a winning method.  Therefore, the player can lose everything, or also be the big winner.

With the advent of the internet, slots went digital, bringing many benefits for players, such as:

Not having to leave home to enjoy a good game, the bonuses so that bettors can continue playing, and also, they are totally safe and fair;  which means that online slots are not rigged.


Types of Slot Machines


Currently, there are different types of slot machines and some of them will surprise you with their functions and others with their appearance.

Single currency

It is the simplest to play, you just have to insert a coin, pull the lever and let luck decide the course of the game.

The multipliers

These types of slots are the most successful, since the payout of the prize is multiplied depending on the coins you put in the slot.  Which means that the higher the coins, the higher the profits.

The Video

These machines are a favorite with technology lovers.  Since they are updated with the latest news, and their themes vary a lot from each other.  They all have 3D graphics and impressive sound effects.

Online slots with Jackpot

Without a doubt they are the most addictive, they have a special system that connects all the slots and, each time a player introduces coins, the amount of prizes of all the machines increases.  This means that the more bettors the bigger the pot to win.


How do online slots work?

There are currently 2 different ways that they work;  in both we can affirm that online slots are not rigged.  But, for you to learn a little more, we will tell you about each type of operation.

The programmed ones: on the one hand we have the programmed online slots, these work through an internal program, which has everything prepared, that is, after a certain amount of plays, the machine itself returns a certain amount of what has been bet on  she.

By chance: They are the ones that are present in almost all online casinos, the prizes that this gives are selected at random, that is, it does not matter how many times you play, since they do not work with a sequence of plays.  In each one, a statistical and probability calculation should be made to know it, after several uses.


Are online slots rigged?

While slot machines have changed over the years, their operation is the same, and they haven’t been altered since 1899, when the first was created by Charles Fay.

The player places a bet, then spins the reels with different symbols.  Each reel stops randomly and if three of them have the same symbol when stopping, the player takes the winnings, which are calculated based on the winning symbol.

The question that many ask is, are online slots rigged?  It is that since they arrived in the digital age it is thought that this game presents some kind of trick so that «the casino» always comes out with benefits, but what few know is that the slot machines use a very sophisticated and rigorous system that makes them safe  for both the casino and the gambler.

This system works through an amazing software that works with a random number generator, ensuring that the results are random, and there is no kind of cheating.

The numbers are never ready, so luck is the only one that decides who will win the prize.  In this way, the result that comes out after one spin has no influence on the result that will come out in the following.


The Swedish Casino Giant: Betsson

Betsson is a very popular online casino in the gambling industry.  His years of experience have quickly positioned him and are a reference in the sector.

Betsson Casino knows the tastes of its bettors, which is why they have made available more than 700 slot games.  This makes it one of the world’s largest of its kind.  This initiative was created to respond to the demand of customers who, like you, want to use their services at all times.

In addition to this, and like physical casinos, it is possible to play the oldest casino games such as, blackjack, roulette, and jackpot games.  Whatever game you are looking for, bet or gamble, Betsson Casino has it all in one place!

The navigability and the quality of the graphics are excellent.  The main providers of slot casino game software are: MGA Games, NetEnt and Microgaming, while live casino games are provided by Evolution Gaming.

One of the premises of Betsson Casino is to provide the best of experiences to the thousands of users who use its entertainment services every day.  That is why in all the table games or slot casino games that they make available to you, you will have the necessary advice for your greatest enjoyment.




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